Welcome to the Scottish Chiropractic Association


Welcome to the Scottish Chiropractic Association.logo scottish chiropractic association

The Association was formed in 1979 and has since grown rapidly. There are now more than 85 members practising in Scotland and over 120 associated members located in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and various other countries around the world.

Please look round our website by selecting from the menu items to the left. You will find lots of information and find out more about the benefits of Chiropractic. You will also find the answers to questions and will see how Chiropractic can be a key to a healthier life.

You can also search our member directory and find your nearest Association member. Our directory gives full member details including contact details and a link to a map so you can find the member easily.

On 26th March 2020, the UK Government published legislation setting out the statutory basis requiring the closure of businesses selling food or drink for consumption on the premises, and businesses listed in the regulation. The Regulation also sets out the limitations on the movement of individuals.


Exempt businesses and premises are identified within the regulation, at Schedule 2, Part 3 of the regulation. At paragraph 37 of Part 3 the following businesses are identified as not required to close: Dental services, opticians, audiology services, chiropody, chiropractors, osteopaths and other medical or health services, including services relating to mental health. As such, chiropractors are not required to close their business/premises at this time.

In response to the current crisis and in an effort to allow chiropractors to safely serve their communities at this time, the SCA has prepared stringent guidelines for their members to follow if they decide to stay open. It is expected that member chiropractors will adhere to regulatory board guidelines and current government guidance.