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Dan Murphy Seminar

Scottish Chiropractic Association
Modern World Influences on Brain and how the Chiropractic Adjustment influences it

Presented by Dr Dan Murphy
4-hour lecture online Saturday 17th April 2021
Time: 2pm till 6pm (4 hours of CPD) Live via Zoom Platform
Cost: £165 SCA members, £185 non SCA members

An increase in sustained sympathetic tone increases the release of non-adrenaline resulting in many deleterious health effects in our 21st century communities. Chiropractic spinal adjusting works in part because it improves mechanical integrity that in turn inhibits sympathetic tone and inhibits the release of nor-adrenaline. However, lifestyles which increase the level of the catecholamine dopamine also increase the levels of nor-adrenaline making it more difficult for the chiropractic adjustment to effectively improve health. Dopamine is the neurochemical for pleasure whereas Serotonin is the neurochemical for happiness. In our instant gratification culture, we buy a pleasure to increase happiness but this changes how our brain works and saps our ‘happiness’, making us more unhappy. Modern lifestyles purposely exploit pleasure (dopamine) at the expense of happiness (serotonin) leading to chronic states of excessive pleasure such as addiction and depression.

This seminar will explore these discussions using explanations of the current research available and assess how the chiropractic adjustment may influence the chronic changes in brain neurochemistry seen in our patients.

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