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Press Release - Just Start Walking

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Press release:  ‘Just Start Walking!’

The Scottish Chiropractic Association launches its new campaign to encourage people to walk to improve their health and wellbeing

We all know that regular exercise is good for us, yet we struggle to make the lifestyle changes that incorporate exercise.  But there is one simple activity which most of us can access, at no cost, and which can be built easily in to your day: walking. To highlight the benefits of walking, the Scottish Chiropractic Association is launching the ‘Just Start Walking, Scotland’ programme.

Scottish Chiropractic Association (SCA) President, Ross McDonald (Chiropractor), explains:  “Walking benefits all aspects of our health.  It is the unsung hero of the exercise world.  Almost all of us can increase our walking and therefore increase our fitness and wellbeing.   We need to consider making more journeys on foot – it’s free, it’s sociable and you can walk anywhere, at any time.”
“Taking charge of your health and participating in our ‘Just Start Walking, Scotland!’ programme will improve the health of your spine.  For every 20 minutes you spend sitting, it takes your spine 30 minutes of standing or 5 minutes of walking to recover.  Walking regularly will also improve the efficiency of your heart and lung function (aerobic fitness) and will aid in weight-loss.  Other benefits include improvements to your immune system, blood and lymph circulation, better mood and energy levels, along with decreasing loss of bone density.”  

The ‘Just Start Walking, Scotland!’ Programme: How to Get Started

  • Visit your local Scottish Chiropractic Association chiropractor to collect your ‘Just Start Walking, Scotland’ contract and calendar, plus free water bottle
  • Commit to a nine week walking programme
  • Start slowly – set achievable targets to prevent injury and to motivate you
  • Find a friend or work colleague to walk with
  • Wear supportive footwear which is designed for walking
  • Warm up with gentle stretching exercises at the start and end of your walk
  • Drink plenty of water and have regular breaks and healthy snacks
  • Mix it up – walking different routes, at different speeds with different inclines
  • Log your goals/achievements on the ‘Personal Activity Calendar’
  • Enjoy your walking!

‘Just Start Walking, Scotland’ is for everyone but we would recommend a free spinal check-up with your local SCA chiropractor prior to starting.  Your chiropractor will evaluate your spine for subluxation (joint dysfunction) and analyze your posture for imbalances, two conditions which may predispose you to walking related injuries.

PLEASE NOTE: The WHO/World Federation of Chiropractic World Spine Day is on October 15, 2010.

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